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Students of PIPO Academy of Hair Design are well prepared to take advantage of one or more of the many exciting opportunities awaiting them upon graduation. The beauty industry has come to expect a high standard of proficiency and excellence in education that causes them to welcome the graduate.

Once a student graduates from PIPO Academy of Hair Design, he or she is well prepared to follow their dreams.

Many avenues of employment opportunities are available to qualified individuals in the cosmetology industry.

Once the student obtains her graduate diploma (and license, if necessary) some of the many opportunities that are available to the student could include:

  • Owning or managing your own salon, or even a chain of salons.
  • Entering the exciting world of fashion. Every fashion model needs a makeup expert or hairstylist.
  • Realizing the excitement and thrill of working in the field of entertainment. Motion pictures, television and theater all have positions for hairstylists, manicurists or makeup artists.
  • Becoming a sales representative. Work for a manufacturer or department store selling beauty products in the industry. Your diploma is a great letter of introduction to get you started.
  • Joining the rewarding field of education. Work as an instructor, trainer or consultant for schools, salons, or manufacturers. Be the expert in your field!
  • Traveling through your new occupation. As a stylist on a cruise ship, as a representative or trainer for manufacturer, or as a consultant to the industry, you can enjoy the pleasures of travel through choosing an appropriate career.

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