cosmetology international students

International students are welcome at PIPO Academy of Hair Design. If the student lives in another country and would like to attend PIPO Academy of Hair Design, we do everything necessary to make the student’s visit and training the best possible. PIPO Academy of Hair Design is approved by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to offer I-20 Visas. Instructors and staff are always anxious to assist students from other countries.

Advising is always available from any of our staff member. Students from the United States are always eager to learn from a foreign student about life in other places. Students from any country should feel comfortable and at ease in enrolling here. Prospect students with foreign credentials must be translated with a Notary Public in English. The second step you must have your credentials or documents verified by an Evaluation Company.

Our locations are normally in retail centers and safety is a high priority. Rules and regulations are uniform and all students are expected to abide by our rules at all times. Upon successful completion of the program, foreign graduates will be issued the Diploma.

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