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Students at PIPO Academy of Hair Design are well prepared to take advantage of one or more of the many exciting opportunities awaiting them upon graduation. The beauty industry has come to expect a high standard of proficiency and excellence in education that causes them to welcome the graduate. Once a student graduates from PIPO Academy of Hair Design, he or she, is well prepared to follow their dreams.

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Placement Rate Form 2015

Completion Rate

87% or 11 of the 13 students scheduled to Graduate, Graduated

Placement Rate

50% or 7 of the 11 students have found jobs in the Cosmetology Field

Licensure Rate

87% or 5 of the 6 students passed that examination and received a license

Tarifas De Colocacion 2015

Tarifas De Completacion

87% o 11 de cada 13 estudiantes programados a Graduarse, Graduaron

Tarifas De Colocacion

50% o 7 de cada 11 estudiantes han encontrado trabajo en la area de Cosmetologia

Tarifas De Licencia

87% o 5 de cada 6 estudiantes pasaron el examen y recivieron su licencia